5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips to Keep Your St. Louis Home Cool in 2024

Ready to beat the heat in 2024? Keeping your home cool and comfortable during our hot summers doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes a bit of effort and maintenance to ensure your air conditioning is up to the task. Follow these five key AC maintenance tips to ensure your space stays cool all summer long.

1. Change Your Air Filters Regularly

dirty air filterOne of the simplest, yet most effective ways to keep your AC running smoothly is to change its filters regularly. Dirty filters can significantly reduce your system’s efficiency, making it work harder and increasing your energy bills. Aim to replace them every month during peak usage times, which in the Greater St. Louis area has traditionally been May to August.

2. Keep Your AC Coils Clean

Over time, the AC’s coils can accumulate dust and debris
, hindering the unit’s ability to absorb heat. Cleaning the coils of both the indoor and outdoor units ensures better efficiency and longevity of your system. This task can be a bit more complex, so consulting with a professional might be your best bet.

3. Ensure Proper Airflow Around the Outside Unit

new ac unit install by aaaYour outdoor unit needs ample space to function efficiently. Make sure there’s at least 2 feet of clearance around it. Remove any leaves, debris, or high grass that might block airflow. This small action can significantly impact your unit’s effectiveness and durability.

4. Insulate and Seal Your StL Home

Efficient cooling isn’t just about your AC unit—it’s also about keeping the cool air where you want it. Insulate your attic, seal windows and doors, and consider window treatments that reduce heat gain. A well-insulated home reduces the workload on your AC, saving energy and money.

5. Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance

A professional tune-up is invaluable for catching issues before they turn into major problems. From inspecting and cleaning coils, to checking refrigerant levels and testing system controls, a comprehensive check by a pro can extend the life of your AC and help maintain its efficiency. Scheduling these check-ups before the peak seasons—April through September in St. Louis—can keep you cool all summer long without a hitch.

Following these tips not only keeps you cool and comfortable but also saves you money by enhancing your system’s efficiency and avoiding costly repairs.

Stay cool, St. Louis, and remember, AAA Home Services is here to help with all your AC maintenance needs!  For professional ac maintenance services, AAA Home Services has got your back!


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