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Should You Run Your Humidifier in St. Louis During the Summer Months?

As we step into the warmer months in St. Louis, the question of whether to keep the humidifier humming becomes a topic of much debate. Understanding the balance of humidity in your home is not just about comfort; it also impacts your air conditioner’s efficiency, your health, and even your wallet.

The Case for Humidity Control

Experts, including those at Aprilaire, recommend maintaining indoor humidity levels between 40-60%. This range is the sweet spot for preventing the growth of allergens like mold and dust mites and for keeping wooden fixtures in your home from warping. Too much humidity, on the other hand, can make your air conditioner work overtime, potentially leading to increased energy bills and wear on the system. ...  read more

Keeping Your St. Louis and St. Charles Home Warm and Pipes Unfrozen in Freezing Temperatures

As the cold weather descends on the St. Louis and St. Charles areas, it becomes incredibly important to ensure your home is not only warm and comfortable but also protected against the harsh effects of freezing temperatures. Let’s explore effective ways to keep your home warmer during freezing temperatures and provide tips tailored to the St. Louis and St. Charles area to prevent your pipes from freezing.  These are preventative tips for you, if you need immediate furnace repair because your heating system is not keeping up, call AAA today. ...  read more

Breathe Easy with AAA’s Air Scrubber Plus

Breathing in clean air is essential for leading a healthy life. Unfortunately, the air in your home might not always be as clean as you think. Indoor air quality is important, and pollution can lead to several health complications, including respiratory issues, allergies, and more. At AAA, we believe in offering solutions to improve your indoor air quality. One such solution is the Air Scrubber Plus. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the benefits of using the Air Scrubber Plus and how it can protect your HVAC system while purifying your air. ...  read more