Is Your Thermostat Sending Mixed Signals?

Is your thermostat sending mixed signals to your furnace or AC? In these cold temperatures in St. Charles and St. Louis, your thermostat’s primary job is to communicate temperature readings and instructions to your HVAC unit. You may have a faulty thermostat if your HVAC unit keeps randomly turning on or off.

A thermostat that’s gone bad will start to send bad or incorrect information to your unit. A faulty thermostat will start to send bad information, causing your unit to turn on or off at inappropriate times. ...  read more

Nest Learning Smart Thermostat

Preparing for Fall: Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Maximize your comfort this autumn and winter by upgrading your furnace system with a Nest Learning Thermostat. This advanced smart thermostat works to learn your family’s habits and adjusts itself to fit your daily needs. 

Nest Learning Thermostat Features


Free Google Home Mini with Nest Thermostat Installations

Now through September 3rd, get a free Google Home Mini with every Nest Thermostat Installation by AAA Home Services.

There’s never been a better time to get a Nest Thermostat installed by AAA:

  • Free Google Home Mini with Install ($35 value)
  • Get a 5 Year Warranty on the Nest Thermostat (only with Nest Pro Dealers like AAA)
  • Get $75 back in total rebates from Ameren and Spire
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