home appliance repair
Your fridge or stove isn’t made to last a lifetime. Yet, you should still figure out when it’s the right time to get an appliance repaired versus throwing it into the dumpster and getting a new one. Your decision could save you quite a bit of cash if you use your appliance to its capacity, while also saving money from avoiding frivolous repairing costs. Here’s a few things to take into consideration before choosing to repair or replace your appliance.

Life Expectancy

Neglect, overuse, and accidental damage can cause you to replace an appliance earlier than you considered. On the other, regular maintenance would help you to prolong its life. Here is a list of the average life expectancy (in years) for major household appliances before they go kaput:
Dryers – 14
Washing Machines – 12
Dishwashers – 12
Refrigerators – 14
Ranges – 16
Microwaves – 8
Garbage Disposals – 13

The 50% Rule

It’s a common rule of thumb to replace your appliance if the repair cost is 50% or more its replacement price. Constantly putting money into an appliance only to have it lead to a burn out is a waste of your time and money.

Get an Expert’s Advice

Check to see exactly what is and isn’t covered by the appliance’s warranty. Contact a reputable appliance repair company, such as AAA Home Services, willing to give you a detailed estimate on repairs. An expert can help you to discern whether you should repair or replace the appliance by closely examining and diagnosing the problem.

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