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Navigating the Rebates, Tax Credits and Savings on HVAC and Water Heaters in 2020

A popular question right now… “Is this a good time to upgrade my HVAC or Water Heater in my home?”

Here’s the breakdown of the Current Rebates (Ameren Rebates and Spire Rebates), Tax Credits and Savings from AAA Home Services, Utilities and Manufacturers on HVAC and Water Heaters.

HVAC System Savings:
Up to $2,000 savings on American Standard Equipment. This includes rebates from Ameren on high efficiency units and discounts and savings from AAA and American Standard. In addition, 0% interest financing is available for 60 months for qualified buyers. Installation of a smart thermostats like Nest will include a $50 rebate from Ameren.

Water Heater Savings:
Up to $450 on tank water heaters and up to $750 savings off tankless water heaters. This includes rebates from Spire, federal tax credits and discounts from AAA. 18 months same as cash is available as well.

AAA Home Services will help you get the best deal available when upgrading your home HVAC or Water Heaters. We will help you understand and apply for all rebates as well. Call AAA today for a free quote on a new system: 314-514-4084 or 636-707-2309.

Call AAA, We’re On Our Way!

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