Preparing for Fall: Remove Cold Spots with Ductless Heating

Are there rooms or spaces in your home that your current heating system doesn’t reach? Ductless heating systems are an affordable alternative to heating individual rooms in your St Louis home. Skip the hassle of upgrading or installing ductwork and save time, money, and messes. 

Benefits of the Mitsubishi Mini Split Ductless System

  • Lower Cost & Less Hassle: By design, ductless heating systems are much simpler than the traditional ductwork HVAC systems. The absence of ducts affords tons of benefits in terms of installation time, convenience, and cost. Installing or updating duct systems requires partial demolition of the walls and ceilings in your home and the use of heavy machinery. It also often means inconveniently shoving large and small furniture into other rooms of the house for days or weeks at a time. Ductless heating systems can be installed in substantially less time and with much less effort. In turn, this means lower installation costs and significantly less inconvenience to you and your family.
  • Cleaner Air: The absence of ductwork also means the absence of mold, mildew, dust, and other allergens that tend to build up in ducts over time. Breath easier with a ductless heating system that includes multiple filters that weed out allergens and odors. 
  • Personalize Your Space: The specially designed ductless wall mounted heating units will maintain the ideal temperature you set in a single room. The system accommodates your needs by adjusting its fan speed to ensure the best comfort possible. Ductless heating units in multiple rooms allow you to control the climate of each space individually, which is perfect for families with different preferences. This means no more fighting between family members over where to set the thermostat! 

Make the areas of your home that are not served properly by your furnace system more comfortable with the addition of a ductless heating system. Take advantage of the zoned comfort that the Mitsubishi Mini Split ductless system offers today. Give us a call at 314-968-3050 or 636-397-3200 to discuss how we can help you eliminate cold spots in your home. 

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