drinking water
If your house does not currently have a water filtration system, you should seriously consider getting one. It is an investment worth making considering all the benefits you will receive.

Environmental Benefits

With filtered water flowing through your home, you will be able to drink from the tap instead of being reliant on bottled water. This is good for the environment because you do not have to throw away a bunch of plastic bottles. Even if you ordinarily recycle those bottles, it is still preferable to not use them in the first place.

Health Benefits

While your local water supply should be safe to drink, there might still be contaminants in your water system that can lead to various health problems. These contaminants include:
  • Aluminum
  • Arsenic
  • DBPs
  • Giardia

Taste Benefits

You might think all water tastes the same, but that just means you have never truly compared regular tap water to filtered water. Many people find that filtered water tastes so much cleaner, and routinely drinking water is bound to help your skin quality and immune system.
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