Electrical Panel Upgrades from AAA Electricians

An Electrical Panel Upgrade is often required when there is a problem with the existing panel and it is of significant age.  At AAA, electrical panel upgradeour Master Electrician's expertise ensures that we will conduct expert upgrades, changes, and repairs on circuit breaker box and electrical panels of all brands in your home.

Common issues that tell you there may be need for a junction box panel repair or replacement:

  • flickering lights
  • blown fuses
  • tripped breakers
  • unexplained power outages
  • outlet malfunctions

How do I know if we need an electrical panel upgrade?

If you have a fuse box, it's definitely time to upgrade. If you have a 60 or 100 amp panel you might need an upgrade. If it is loose, rusty or ever sparks, it's time to upgrade. Panel upgrades can prevent fires and are a necessity in older homes or homes built that have panel boxes that aren't sufficient for the electrical load you are placing on them today.

Electrical circuit panel services we provide in Greater St. Louis St. Charles and Warren County:

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Under Ground Services
  • Electrical Panel Installation
  • House Rewiring

Contact AAA today to schedule an electrical inspection upgrading or repairing your circuit panel or fuse box.  Our licensed, Master Electricians are skilled experts who can upgrade your homes current panel to a panel that meets your home’s growing needs.

Call AAA, We're On Our Way at 636-397-3200

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