Q. Should a thermostat fan be set to ON or AUTO?

A. If you set the thermostat to the AUTO position the fan works when the thermostat calls for heat or cool and it will shut down the fan after the cycle is completed. If thermostat is set the ON position, fan will work all the time without interruption, even if the AC or furnace kicks on. If you need to filter dust in the house you can leave the thermostat in the ON position. Keep in mind that you will have to change your filter more often.

Q. How often should furnace filters be replaced?

A. Filters should either be replaced or cleaned every month. Replace 1″ filters every month by setting an alert on your calendar. Replacing filters promotes good air flow and prevents stress on blowers. Replace media filters once a year, possibly twice a year depending on your home.

Q. What does an Air Conditioners SEER rating mean?

A. AC equipment has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. A SEER of 10 means for one watt you get 10 BTUs moved out of your home. 1 BTU roughly equals one match of heat. 10 matches of heat cost 1 watt roughly.

Q. How often does my total heating and air conditioning system need maintenance?

A. We recommend 2 times a year between the two heating & air conditioning units, once in the fall for the furnace unit and once in the spring to properly maintain the air conditioner.

Q: Are you bonded, licensed and insured?

A: Yes, we are bonded and insured to work on your home in St. Charles and St. Louis.

Q: How are your technicians certified and trained for HVAC?

A: Our HVAC Repair Technicians are well trained and trade certified. We also perform on-going training sessions.

Q: Do you have preventative maintenance plans and service agreements?

A: Yes, we have club service memberships for peace of mind with all your home repair service needs.

Q: What if I have you out to service my unit and we find out it is beyond repair, do I still owe for the service call?

A: At AAA Home Services we will apply your service call price off the price of a new unit if you purchase it from us. This is truly unique in the industry.

Q: My family reports dry skin and sometimes experiences nose bleeds, why is this?

A: This can be due to low humidity levels in your home. During the winter months, furnaces dry out the indoor air and heat your home. Humidifiers can put the needed humidity back in your home.