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Stay warm and cozy with a new furnace from AAA Home Services that is reliable and also energy efficient! American Standard gas and electric furnaces are built to a higher standard so they can effectively produce heat for your home from scratch. American Standard is a leading furnace manufacturer and AAA is a Platinum Sales and Service Dealer!


Full Service Furnace Contractor in Greater St. Louis and St. Charles

Trust AAA Home Services for your new or replacement furnace.  AAA has been installing home heating units including gas and electric furnaces Since 1970!

If we can't repair your current furnace, our team of Licensed, Trained HVAC Technicians will help determine which size best new furnace and efficiency rating furnace is right for you and your home - Gas or Electric.

New Home Heating Systems

If you have repeatedly been paying for repairs on your furnace it may be time to stop. We will install a new American Standard furnace for you and get your home heating system reliable and efficient when you need it.

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licensed service techniciansFurnace Replacement Costs

If your furnace has seen better days, or you're just starting to shop around for a new one, it's important to plan ahead. Furnace replacements can come with hefty price tags and large investments - so understanding the various costs associated will help get those anticipated expenses under control. We'll go over what type of factors determine the average cost when replacing a furnace as well as why certain aspects might increase installation fees in this helpful guide!

New Furnaces, Gas & Electric - Average Costs in Missouri

cost iconMissouri homeowners must consider many factors when replacing their home's furnace. Prices for such an installation can cost anywhere between $6,000 and $9,000 on average; however, the type of furnace chosen will have a major influence on this number. From oil furnaces to gas options - each one varies in price - giving you the chance to find which model best suits your budget without compromising quality or comfort at home!

Gas Furnaces Costs

new furnace installed by AAA in St. Charles MO

Despite the relatively high initial cost, natural gas furnaces represent an economical heating system choice due to their reliable performance and access to low-cost fuel. The price of installation typically falls between $2,500-$10,000 for these units; however those living in rural St. Louis must double check if their area has access to natural gas before making any purchase decisions.


Electric Furnace Costs

Electric furnaces are the most cost-effective heating option available, due to their small size and lack of complicated installation needs. With electricity readily available in homes across Missouri, electric furnaces can be easily connected to existing power grids with minimal effort compared to other furnace options.

Other Things to Consider when Shopping for a New Furnace

AAA Home Services understands that selecting a new furnace is an important decision, and can make all the difference in terms of both efficiency and cost. That's why every installation includes a home visit by one of their specialists so as to get an accurate assessment of your existing infrastructure before choosing the right size or model for you. Purchasing something incompatible could cause costs to soar - but with AAA Home Service’s consultations, customers are guaranteed optimal heat output at minimal expense!

Warranty on a New Furnace

warranty iconBase Limited Warranty on a New Furnace typically covers your system for five years, while Registered Limited Warranty typically lasts for 10 years.  When buying a new Furnace from AAA, you are buying from a lifetime HVAC partner you can trust. With over 50 Years of Furnace Repair and Maintenance Service in the area, AAA will be here for you!

AAA truck in front of St. Louis homeBenefits of Buying a New Furnace from AAA

  • 50 Years of Furnace Sales and Installation
  • American Standard Platinum Furnace Dealer
  • Full Service in Picking the Correct Unit for Your Home
  • Assistance with Sales, Rebates and Incentives
  • AAA Club Service Memberships for Regular Maintenance
  • Efficiency Options and Improvement
  • Quieter HVAC Options for Your Home

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