Furnace Maintenance Tune-Ups from AAA

new furnace installed by AAA in St. Charles MOIt's time to get ready to fire up those furnaces. The best way to prevent problems that may occur when you need your furnace is to schedule a Furnace Tune-Up with AAA Home Services today.

The furnace and HVAC system controls the temperature and rotates air throughout the home to keep it comfortable while also filtering out dust and allergens. If you have a problem with your system, let AAA Home Services clean and check your furnace to make sure it is running at 100% efficiency.

An annual preventative maintenance check by AAA Home Services will keep your Furnace and HVAC serviced and working at peak efficiency by identifying problems from thermal stress, movement, or dust.  This service is included in our Service Club Membership Program. 

AAA can maintain all brands of furnaces and hvac systems, but if your furnace is beyond it's repair point, AAA can quote you on a New Furnace and HVAC System Installation.

Typical Furnace Problems - Why are Maintenance Appointments Necessary?

Over the course of a year, issues can arise with your furnace including cracked heat cracked heat exchanger on a St. Louis Furnaceexchangers or frayed electrical wires that could lead to safety issues in your home. Carbon Monoxide leaks are very real issues that people may have when they neglect their furnace checks.

Common problems that AAA service techs find during annual Furnace Tune-Up include:

  • Duct work issues from annual expansion/contraction
  • Blower motor bearings issues
  • Air filter and internal dust Issues

An inspection can also find and repair less than obvious problems like:

  • Belt Issues
  • Improperly firing burners
  • Blocked condensate drain
  • Loose wiring
  • Coolant leaks

Annual fall furnace maintenance checks can save you time, money and a lot of frustration and help keep your home safe.  Our 12 point clean and check will prolong the life of your furnace and overall system.

AAA Utilizes Infrared Camera to Check Heat Exchangers

AAA utilizes The InspectorTM Camera System to check your heat exchanger for cracks.  Cracks and holes in your heat exchanger can lead to serious and even fatal Carbon Monoxide problems in your home.

Change those Furnace Air Filters Regularly!

In addition to having your furnace checked every year by AAA, changing your air filter is the most important thing to do in between those visits to ensure the best chance for an optimum furnace life. Change your filter every three months at the most. If you have pets or smokes in the house, you may need to change them more often.

Dirty furnace air filters:dirty air furnace filter replacement

  • Restrict airflow and puts a strain on your furnace
  • Force your fan motor to overwork and wastes energy and increases energy bills
  • Reduces your indoor air quality, bad for allergies, asthma, etc.
  • Help clog ductwork and lower equipment life

AAA Home Services Service Club Memberships for Annual Furnace Peace of Mind

AAA offers discounted rates on services and HVAC peace of mind for customers that sign up for our Service Club Memberships.

Call AAA Today for a clean and check on our furnace and to sign-up for your Service Club Membership.