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AAA Home Services has been a leading St. Louis and St. Charles air duct cleaning contractor since 1970.  We supply professional cleaning services for all businesses and homes to shield you from contaminants all year long which pollute the air ducts on your property when they collect dust, mold, dirt and additional unhealthy bacteria. Health issues are caused from breathing the dirty air that comes from the air ducts. To avoid this kind of health problem, it’s highly suggested you call and consult our skilled air duct cleaning professionals in St. Louis. Cleaning your air ducts extends the life of your HVAC systems too. We will help you breathe cleaner air in your home. We can improve the quality of the air in your home by as much as 50-60%. Our technicians are trained to clean your home and we offer this service 6 days a week.


It might be time to clean your ducts if you are seeing large amounts of dust on furniture. Another sign is that your allergy symptoms are increasing. This service takes between 2 to 4 hours. Depending on certain variables, air duct cleaning should be performed every 3 to 7 years.


It makes no sense to clean all of your ductwork while neglecting your furnace or air conditioning unit. HVAC cleaning improves your air quality and extends the life of your furnace. This service includes cleaning the components and interior of the furnace and AC unit. Call AAA Home Services today at (314)968-3050 or request service here to schedule these cleanings.

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AAA offers a variety of the top of the line air cleaners for your home.

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