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Leaky Faucet Repair in St Louis & St Charles

Kitchen or bathroom faucets dripping is one of the most common sink issues leaky faucetsat home.  In addition to the annoying sound of dripping through the night, the water drops can add up to a significant amount of wastage over time.  In most cases, the leakage is caused by loose parts or broken o-rings, and can be fixed by a professional with a few simple tools and parts.

Low water pressure is another common issue with household sinks in St Louis homes.  If the stream of water coming from your faucet is thin and weak, rather than a full, steady stream, you are likely experiencing low water pressure.  The decrease in water pressure is sometimes caused by mineral buildup in your pipes or faucet, which can be remedied with a service cleaning; however, if the cleaning does not help restore proper pressure, the issue may stem back to the main water pipe.

It’s possible for well-used kitchen sink parts to experience wear and tear over time that cause the lever or sprayer to become hard to use or manipulate. These parts can be easily repaired or replaced by a professional plumber.  Some cheaper or older faucet models have worn or ill-fitting parts that cause screeching, squeaking, or clanking.  These suspicious noises coming from your sink faucet can be quieted by replacing the noisy parts or installing a new faucet.

aaa service techniciansIt’s important to entrust a licensed plumber to install new kitchen sink hardware, because faucets that are installed incorrectly can later cause leaks, water pressure issues, and pipe corrosion. 

For leaky faucet repair assistance or any plumbing service repair, call AAA Home Services today.