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Meet the Nest Thermostat E

Welcome to make a simpler, more affordable Nest Thermostat. One with the energy-saving features customers love. But with a friendlier, streamlined design that fits any home. Meet the easy-to-use, energy-efficient, control-it-from-anywhere Nest Thermostat E.

Now, there's a Nest Thermostat that can fit every home. That's smart business.


Meet the Nest Thermostat E

With the Nest Thermostat E, reaching more customers with Nest technology is easier than ever. Get to know the newest edition to the Nest Thermostat family.

Easy to save

  • Same proven energy-saving features as the original Nest Learning Thermostat including Energy Star certification, the Nest Leaf, Home/Away Assist and Energy History.
  • The new Simple Schedule provides a schedule right out of the box, so your customers can start saving on Day 1. Making it even easier, they can change it any time from the Nest app.
  • Forced air systems start wasting energy when filters are clogged. Filter Reminders tell your customers when they need to be changed so they can call you to change them.

Easy to control

  • Your customers can have access to change the temperature right at their fingertips from their phone, laptop, or smartwatch with the Nest app.
  • Works with 85% of the systems in North America. H/1C or 1H/2C, 24 volt control.

Easy on the eyes

  • With a brand new frosted display and ceramic feel ring, Nest Thermostat E easily blends into your customer’s homes.

As a Nest Pro, you can install the Nest Thermostat E with special benefits. Enter your Nest Pro ID upon installation to activate an exclusive 3 year extended warranty (2 years of additional coverage). Entering your Pro ID also embeds your company information so it can be displayed on-screen, helping you stay top-of-mind with customers.

Get started with Nest Thermostat E

Want to get to know Nest Thermostat E and learn how it can help you expand your growing connected home business?

Join the Nest team for a webinar on September 7 at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern.

Get started today with on-demand Nest Thermostat E training content and marketing assets available in your Nest Pro Account.

You can now purchase at your local Nest distributor or on the Nest Pro Store.

Don’t forget to redeem your discounted personal use unit to try out Nest Thermostat E in your home for just $129.

Leverage local rebates

The Nest Thermostat E makes it easy for your customers to save energy. And because of its proven energy savings, more than half of U.S. households may be eligible for rebate on Nest Thermostat E. Be sure to leverage local rebates in your Nest Thermostat E marketing campaigns and Nest offers.