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AAA has been Servicing and Installing New Air Conditioning Systems in the area Since 1970.


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AAA Home Servicesnew ac unit install by aaa is a leading local AC System sales and installation company.  We've been in the business since 1970, installing AC systems all across the area.  AAA Home Services has received an A+ rating with the BBB for our St. Louis, St. Charles and Warren County Service.

AAA Home Services can also provide you with the yearly HVAC repair and AC tune-ups and maintenance you need with our club membership, and we provide you with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise.

AAA is a Platinum Dealer of American Standard and ready to help you with all phases of Air Conditioning Unit installation in your home.

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AC Unit Replacement Costs

If your air conditioner has seen better days, or you're just starting to shop around for a new one, it's important to do your homework. New AC Units are an investment - so understanding the costs and options associated will help you make the right decision. We'll go over the options to determine the cost of new AC systems for your home and help you make the right choice!

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New AC Unit, Gas & Electric - Average Costs in Missouri

MO homeowners must consider many factors when replacing AC systems in your home. Prices for such an installation can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $12,000; however, the type of system chosen and efficiency will have a major influence on this number.

What Size Air Conditioning System Do I Need?

AAA AC service technicianThis is one of the biggest questions in air conditioner upgrade process! We know selecting the right size AC can be overwhelming, but don't fret - we're here to help. A unit that's too small will overwork itself and leave you a sweaty mess, while a unit that's too big will burn a hole in your wallet through high upfront and energy costs. If your old AC struggled to keep you cool, let us hook you up with a more powerful replacement. But if it left your space feeling like a sauna, we recommend trying out a smaller model. AAA will look at house sizse and other factors to help you obtain the right AC unit for your home.

But don't say goodbye to your trusty old air conditioner just yet! We know it may have failed you in the end, but there's still hope. Instead of jumping straight into buying a new unit, we will help you explore the cost of repairing it first? Our team of expert technicians is here to help diagnose any issues your AC may be experiencing. By taking this step, not only could we save you the hassle and cost of purchasing a new unit, but we might just be able to revive your old favorite.