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AAA Home Services is a local leader in Water Softener installation and repair since 1970.  AAA has a variety of water softener solutions for and will help you decide on the system that’s best for your home.

Home water softeners remove calcium, magnesium and other minerals from your home water.    Hard water causes staining in your sinks, toilets and bathtubs.  It also causes scale or limestone buildup on pots, coffeepots and kitchenware.  Hard water can also cause gray or faded laundry, dry skin and hair, and problems to your water heater.  Purchasing a new water softener from AAA can help with all these issues.

NaturalSof, No Salt Water Softener Systems

NaturalSofNo salt water softeners are water softener alternatives that prevents lime scale deposits in your home without removing the beneficial minerals associated with water hardness. The NaturalSof unit does not soften water by removing healthy calcium like a water softener. NaturalSof does not add anything to your water either. It uses the natural properties of calcium carbonate (water hardness) to our advantage by changing it into a soft, non-bonding calcium crystal which will not stick to surfaces or form limescale inside appliances and heaters.

NaturalSof doesn’t require any:  maintenance, electricity, salt, extra space or backwashing cycles.  Learn more with this short video:


North Star Water Treatment Systems 

North Star Water Heaters

AAA sells and services North Star water treatment systems.  North Star monitors your water use and determines when a regeneration of the softener is needed. This results in the use of 60% less salt!  Sold exclusively through professional contractors like AAA, North Star has been a leader in water softener technology since 1925.


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