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Water Heater Repairs, Service & Installation in St. Louis & St. Charles

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AAA Home Services has been conducting water heater repairs in St. Louis and St. Charles since 1970.  Whether you are looking to replace your old water heater, upgrade to a larger one, or switch to a new tankless water heater, AAA is the place to call.

AAA will provide you with upfront pricing on our water heater work before we begin the job, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Call us at 314-968-3050 or 636-397-3200 and we can fix your water heater problem with same day/next day service in most instances!  Have the AAA professional, licensed plumbers fix your water heater today.  If you need a new Water Heater, trust AAA to help you find the right AO Smith or State Water Heater for your home.

Spire Gas Rebates for Your HomeSpire is currently offering $200 - $300 rebates on Natural Gas Water Heaters, call us for details or view the rebates on their website.


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Electric & Gas Water Heaters

AAA carries the most energy efficient and reliable water heaters on the market, which is not only good for the planet but energy star partnerAOSmith Water Heatersultimately saves you money.  Get the hot water you need, when you need it.  AAA will help you decide what size tank water heater you need.  We offer conventional storage tank water heaters and we carry both electric or gas units depending on the demands of your home.

We can provide you Factory Authorized Sales and Service on water heater brands such as A.O. Smith, State, American, Bradford White & Lochinvar.

When installing a new water heater with AAA, it will include a minimum of 6 year factory tank and parts warranty.

  • GAS WATER HEATERS   Regardless of whether your home uses natural gas or propane, we have models available with capacities ranging from the most modest needs, to even the most substantial needs.
  • ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS  For those seeking the convenience of an electric water heater, we offer a large selection of models and features to meet the needs of every homeowner.

Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation

We also install tankless (instantaneous, on demand) water heaters.  For tankless water heaters, we offer Factory Authorized Sales Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters& Service on Rinnai and Noritz.

The primary advantages of tankless water heaters include the abundance of a continuous flow of hot water and a potential energy savings.  AAA will help you determine if this is the best solution for your home based on your needs and the overall cost of the system.

From hot water heaters to tankless water heaters to any replacement part you can think of, AAA Home Services has what you need to ensure your water heater is running smoothly. Check out the rebates offered by the utility companies and add the AAA discounts as well for the overall best value for you.

Unbeatable Water Heater Service and Installation

water heater repairWhether you need your water heater repaired or replaced with a new installation, our team is ready and able to meet your needs. All the technicians at AAA Home Services are qualified to provide up-to-code repairs and replacements for your water heater. We are highly trained in factory recommended maintenance and service requirements on all brands. Proper water heater maintenance can help prevent leaks and improve efficiency, we inspect for sediment deposits and flush if necessary and perform flue safety checks, which could save you money over the long run.  Our specialists are qualified to replace or service any make or model in your home, so you can be sure your water heater will be set up correctly.

For premium water heater service, sales and installation in St. Louis and St. Charles, call AAA Today!

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Hot Water Heater Repair and Replacement Installation Cost

The most popular question we get regarding water heater service is the cost to repair or replace your unit.  At AAA, we always have a service repair coupon (usually $25 off service work) available to help reduce your cost.  So many things can go wrong with water heaters that it is impossible to estimate costs without inspecting the unit.  With AAA, you will always get upfront, fair and honest pricing on your hot water heater repair or installation.  New units vary greatly with size of tank and also whether you have gas or electric.  Spire is offering rebates on energy efficient gas water heaters to help further reduce the cost.  AAA will help you with understand the rebates available.

Signs You Need Service on Your How Water Heater in St. Louis and St. Charles

Unusual noises originating from the water heater: Gurgling, gurgling, or standing out noises are all common when a water heater is about to fall short.
Insufficient warm water: An effectively running 40- or 50-gallon storage tank must be able to provide adequate warm water for two or three back-to-back showers. If your own is not able to maintain, it might need upkeep to restore optimal output.
Dirty warm water: A water heater with corrosion on the inside might create warm water to run brownish. Draining pipes and flushing the tank might fix this trouble.
Dripping safety valve or rustic container: Is your water heater leaking? Call AAA to deal with these troubles before the storage tank falls short and floods your basement!

If you discover any one of these indication of problems, don't think twice to speak to AAA for quick, reliable water heater fixing service!  We're proud to be the regional plumbing business Greater St. Louis home owners depend on whenever they require H20 Heater Service.

Call AAA at 636-397-3200 or request service online today.

Home Water Heater FAQ

What type of maintenance does my hot water heater need?

Manufacturers of water heaters recommend annual maintenance from a professional plumber — from periodic checks on the anode rod, to ensuring that all connections are secure.

My hot water heater doesn't provide as much hot water as it used to, why?

Over time, hot water heaters build up sediment. It's this sediment and lime that will become a barrier between the burner and the water itself, making it harder for the water to heat.  The more sediment, the more fuel it requires to heat the water and the less hot water it can provide in an efficient manner.

What is the average life of a water heater?

Home hot water heater life expectancy is 9-12 years, with type of unit and water quality being factors.

How long does it take to heat up a 50 gallon hot water heater tank and how long does that last?

It generally takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours to heat up a 50 gallon tank.  The average shower uses 2 gallons of water a minute and that equals approximately 17 minutes of hot shower for a 50 gallon tank before it runs out of hot water.

Are tankless water heaters, also known as “on demand” water heaters, a good alternative?

Tankless water heaters cost a more than conventional heaters but may save you in energy costs.  The size of the unit needed will affect the price, as some units only adequately supply one or two fixtures operating simultaneously so some homes might require a large unit or more than one tankless water heater.  AAA will help you determine if a tankless water heater is right for you home.

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