When should you call a HVAC Professional for Furnace Repair?

Are you prepared if your furnace suddenly breaks down in the middle of a chilly winter? What if it starts emitting cold air instead of hot air when you start your system on?

A furnace has electrical components that, like any gadget, have the potential to malfunction at any given time regardless of age. Staying on top of furnace maintenance will prevent your heating system from failing when you need it most.

While some furnace issues can be troubleshot at home yourself, temporary DIY fixes or alterations can end up decreasing the efficiency or shortening the life of your furnace. If anything more than a small adjustment is required for your furnace to run properly, your best option is to call an HVAC Professional for Furnace Repair. AAA Home Services offers you the award-winning Furnace Repair Service with guaranteed satisfaction and value for money.

Before calling for professional HVAC services, you can take a look at your hvac system for these common furnace related issues:

  • Check For A Faulty Thermostat: Whenever you face any problem with your furnace, the first thing to check is your home system’s thermostat. A common issue is that thermostats are simply set incorrectly, so make sure that your thermostat is set to the proper temperature settings with the fan mode on “Auto”. Double check that your thermostat is not set up next to a heat source that could alter its readings, and make sure it’s free of any dust or dirt that could alter its ability to take accurate readings.

  • Look For Damaged Ducts: The ducts transfer the hot air produced by your furnace throughout your home. A leakage in these ductworks can cause the air circulating in your home to lose its heat, become colder, and then be unable to heat your house to the required temperature you desire.

  • Replace Air Filters Regularly to Prevent An Overheated Furnace: The main cause of an overheated furnace is jammed air filters. In order for your system to work efficiently, it is crucial to ensure that the filters are free from dirt and dust, allowing the air to pass through the system freely. A blocked filter will prevent air from moving freely, which causes the system to overheat. Recurring overheating can cause severe damage to the heat exchanger.

Why is it important to call an HVAC Professional for Furnace Repair?

If your heating system has leaks that do not get repaired, it could lead to air contamination in your home. There are some gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, created by your system that are emitted outside the house by a properly functioning system. Faulty vents could cause these gases to circulate inside your home, causing severe respiratory problems and allergies.

Trying to fix these problems on your own without proper HVAC knowledge and training could lead to serious injuries or damage to your home, such as electrical shocks, damage to the system itself, or even fire and explosions. Improper DIY maintenance and repair can also lead to much more costly repairs for your system down the line. It is always recommended to call a trained professionally licensed HVAC repair specialist, such as AAA Home Services, to maintain and repair your home system according to proper guidelines and safety measures.

Why is HVAC professional recommended for Furnace repair?John HVAC Mgr

There are several reasons why trained and licensed HVAC professionals are your best and only choice for Furnace repair:

  • The Right Diagnosis – DIY solutions tend to put a bandaid on larger issues. An essential aspect of proper furnace repair is deciphering the correct reason for the problem; in many cases, there could be more than one issue. HVAC professionals with experience and supporting knowledge will find and treat the source of all issues so that your system doesn’t continue to experience problems that previously went unnoticed.

  • Accurate and Absolute Repair – What is the good of doing a job, if not done right the first time? Mistakes, quick fixes, and sloppy jobs can all cause more headache and costly repairs in the future. Get the confidence and satisfaction of a job done right the first time by trusting a professional.  Always go for professional HVAC  AAA Home Services for Furnace repair.

  • Insurance – Professional HVAC service members are required to be licensed, bonded, and insured. These prerequisites mean that your repairs are always done by someone you can trust – which might not be the case if repairs are taken care of by amateurs

  • The Right Tools – HVAC professionals use specialized tools for their work that require special training to properly fix your furnace. Using the incorrect tools, or even the using the correct tools incorrectly, can create alternative problems for your machine.

  • Find Comfort Faster – An experienced professional will diagnose the problem accurately and take steps to repair the furnace in the shortest possible amount of time, giving service priorities to you and your family’s comfort.

Our qualified and seasoned HVAC professionals are certified to install, maintain and repair any Furnace make and model. We are champions in managing heating and cooling systems. Our years of experience and high customer satisfaction rates ensure your complete satisfaction and peace of mind when you call AAA Home Services for Furnace repairs.

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